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What life would be without wine!

Che vita sarebbe senza vino!

Venice & Venice

Venica & Venica was born as a cellar around the 1930s thanks to Daniele, grandfather of the current owners. Today the brothers Gianni and Giorgio Venica manage the company which has an important past in the world of wine, dealing with both the production phase and the management of a wonderful agritourism. Venica & Venica has the desire to respect the environment and to produce wines worthy of its name, without however neglecting the new technological tools that allow constant and meticulous processing. The company mainly focuses on the production of single varietals. They are wines that give emotions and represent a territory rich in history.

Venica and the words of those who live this company with love and dedication:

"Not just a metaphor, but the emblem of a Concept, which revolves around the felt identity, our origins as winemakers and becomes tangible testimony through the ancient door of the "house", Portale di Daniele, masterfully restored, and of which Ornella Venica it is intimately linked due to the deep meaning it carries. It is the symbol of a new path, a border between two worlds, an interconnected reality. It opens to the future and closes the past behind us, or rather remains ajar, letting the magical essence of that past filter through.”

Roagna winery, Piedmont

It was 1880, the first year of production for Roagna which obtained the classification of Barbaresco as we know it today. In 1890 in the historic center of the town, Vincenzo and Rosa produced the first bottle of Barbaresco wine. The Roagna family has been producing wine since time immemorial and has always been considered one of a kind with a long history of wine production that has been able to evolve over time. The wines of Roagna have been around the world for their exclusivity and great elegance. Among the many we remember Il Chrichet Paje which has been able to conquer the international scene for its wonderful drink and for the care with which it was made.

What Roagna says:

“With Alfredo and Luca Roagna we take care of our plants day after day. Each vine is an individual to be interpreted and accompanied over the years, to allow it to express the uniqueness of the territory in which it grows through the fruits.

Even in the cellar we follow every phase, from the selection to the pressing, up to the packaging of each single bottle.

It's a job for craftsmen: just think that each bottle of wine is handled at least six times by a member of our family before leaving the cellar. We have no oenologists or external agronomists. We try to interpret each vineyard with only the family experience. ”

The Myth of Marco de Bartoli 

Who is Marco De Bartoli? In addition to being a renowned producer on the international wine scene, he is as sunny and impetuous as his turbulent land. When you meet him, he tells you everything in a few minutes, and lets you taste everything he produces, explaining his joy and satisfaction after reading those positive reviews for his wine and, at the same time, expressing his anger at how it is considered simply be the wine of the South, like a political expert of the Mezzogiorno. And suddenly he launches insults at those men of his own land who have transformed the name "Marsala", for decades now, into an almost vulgar word. He has tears in his eyes when he talks about the deterioration of his Sicily. He lights up with anger, but immediately relaxes, absorbed by his innumerable projects, when he brings the glass to his lips.

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