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The wines of Haderburg, Sandrone and Gravner

I vini di Haderburg, Sandrone e Gravner


The Haderburg Winery was born in Salorno in the province of Bolzano, after the owners in the 1960s decided to move from grape and apple producers to full-fledged winegrowers. Since 1976 Haderburg has been producing sparkling wines and more, following the canons of Biodynamic Agriculture. The vineyards face southwest and dominate the Salorno valley and enjoy clayey and muddy soils.

It was back in 1976, that for the first time they began to produce sparkling wines obtained with the traditional method from Chardonnay and Blauburgunder grapes. Haderburg is the only South Tyrolean winery to be specialized in the sparkling wine production of its own wines. The winery is able to offer, to date, four quality sparkling wines, the result of a lot of experience, hard work and dedication. The sparkling wines, aged with care, are subjected to a classic sparkling process with fermentation in the bottle. The wine remains from 24 to 96 months in contact with the lees. The elimination of residual yeasts from the bottles, shaken by hand, takes place by dégorgement. From the bottling stage to the packaging in cardboard, each bottle passes through the hands of the owners forty times! Haderburg Brut and Haderburg Rosè arrive on the market with 6 g of residual sugars, Pas Dosé is sold with only 2 g of residual sugars. The Hausmannhof Reserve, on the other hand, spends 8 years in contact with the yeasts before releasing all its vigor.


Active since 1978, the year that made it famous, the Sandrone winery is located near the town of Barolo and has 27 hectares of land including the renowned cru "Cannubi Boschis" which has recently changed its name to "Aleste". The annual production is around 100,000 bottles which are distributed all over the world. During the production phase, Luca and Luciano Sandrone let the indigenous yeasts act and refine the wine in French oak with macerations that vary over a period of two to three weeks.

Team words:
“For us, the quality of each wine is a challenge, to be played to the end for everyone's maximum gratification. We don't agree with half measures. We know that every wine in every vintage has its own variables that can play in favor or against. We know how to run this risk. Every year we work hard to give personality to the wines, make them grow in identity and solicit their characterization. We do not just comply with the general rules. Those are basic rules, which do not fully meet our expectations. Every wine must be great, exclusive and able to stand the test of time. "Sibi et Paucis" proves it.”

Josko Gravner:

Josko Gravner is regarded as "the man of change". He completely changed the way of thinking about wine in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Farmer on the Collio, Josko, began making wine from the family grapes at the age of 16, initially in steel and shortly after in barriques. But, after about 10 years in barrique, he successfully experiments with a new technique: the fermentation of the grapes in amphorae. It mainly favors two historic autochthonous varieties: Ribolla Gialla and Pignolo Rosso. A wine and a producer that conveys great emotions.

«The amphora amplifies the characteristics of the grape, especially its defects. You can't bluff." We leave adjectives and aftertastes to others. And we recommend the rule according to which it is only by freeing oneself from prejudices that one prepares oneself for a sublime experience. Like that of tasting these ineffable wines, which count on an ever-increasing group of followers!

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