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The Champagne Region

La Regione dello Champagne
Champagne wine, as we know it today, we can say that it was discovered by chance. It all started when the winemakers of the Champagne region tried to match the wines of Burgundy. Unfortunately they didn't succeed as the cold and mild winters stopped the fermentation of the wine that was lying in the cellars. The cold weather caused the yeast particles, dormant inside the bottles, to awaken again in the spring and begin fermenting. Thus there was a release of carbon dioxide, coming from the wine in the bottle. Furthermore, at the time the bottles were created from a low and not thick amount of glass and so it was that many of them exploded. That is, to winemakers to discover a new type of wine: Champagne. A wine that refermented in the bottle! The King of France, Hugh Capet, began serving champagne at official dinners at the Royal Palace and in the years following 1715, the Duke of Orléans introduced Champagne wine to the rich and famous of the time. The story of Dom Perignon took hold around the same time. The friar (what's his name?) known as the creator of the Champenoise Method, perfected this technique by creating a lineup of precise and well-defined steps. Furthermore, it was ensured that the production of bottles for bottling Champagne had greater resistance and an adequate stopper. Champagne is the story of how man has shaped a fruit that nature gave to the world many years ago to his liking. Today it is defined as a wine and also as a legend. Don't miss the opportunity to taste and treat yourself to a moment of pleasure by letting yourself be inebriated by the charm and elegance of the Champagne bubbles.

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