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Wonder wines

Vini Meraviglie

Oil in Tuscany:

A tent in Val d'Arno purchased in the 1940s by the Bazzocchi family. The name of Petrolo acquires particular notoriety thanks to its flagship wine: Il Galatrona. A Merlot vineyard planted on 5 hectares around the beginning of the 90s. But there are many wines that this company produces and which have contributed to the Tuscan wine heritage. Some vineyards and wines have more than sixty years of history such as the Lecceta vineyard which is used for the production of Sangiovese in the Torrione wine. A company to drink and to discover. Since 2004 Petrolo has abandoned traditional cultivation methods by practicing natural and sustainable solutions: dry agriculture and no fertilization, no soil tillage, total grassing with mulch management, no use of synthetic pesticides. In 2016 the winery obtained the official organic certification, in fact the Petrolo olive oil has been organic since the 90s. To achieve the natural balance in the vineyard, the management of the system is performed manually with targeted interventions. Heavier pruning and thinning of the grapes are almost absent in mature vineyards that are already balanced. Today extraordinary growth management is only needed in the most difficult years.

Cavalleri - Franciacorta:

The Cavalleri family has been present in the Franciacorta area since 1450, even before it was known as such; since 1970 it has been involved exclusively in the production of classic method sparkling wines which, over the years, have become known all over the world. The Cellar was built in the village of Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta, from which it continues to produce bubbles full of character, elegance and finesse.

The company produces and vinifies grapes on 42 hectares of its own vineyards, following a precise philosophy aimed at the use of environmentally friendly agronomic practices, which increase the fertility of the soil: an example is green manure, a practice which consists in planting between the rows of grasses or legumes to increase the organic matter of the soil. Strict respect for the most traditional oenological practices is maintained in the Cellar, with the aim of maximizing the uniqueness of the vintage and of the territory, with the intention of pursuing a refined and seductive balance.

From Brut to Blanc de Blancs, passing through Pas Dosé, all Cavalleri bubbles are an exceptional expression of Franciacorta.

Castellada, Collio - Friuli:

In a small hamlet called Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia, there are the vineyards of the Bensa family. Giorgio, Matteo, Nicolò and Stefano take care of the productive part of the company. It all began in 1985 when they began to bottle thus creating the brand la Castellada, taken from the name of a hill. With 10 hectares available, they practice natural agriculture with traditional techniques, respecting the environment and the Friulian winemaking traditions.

Let's discover some of its wines:

The Bianco Collio of La Castellada is a wine with golden hues. Ripe peach, pear and yellow apple on the nose. In the mouth enveloping, soft with splendid acidity. Great ending.

The Tocai Friulano of La Castellada is a golden yellow wine with notes of quince, peach in syrup accompanied by important mineral hints. A horizontal, decisive and important wine. Great elegance.

Rosso della Castellada is a garnet colored wine, with hints of black pepper and nutmeg, surrounded by undergrowth fruit. In the mouth beautiful structure and pleasantly present acidity. A clean and long-lasting finish.

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