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Five Champagnes for the summer!

Cinque Champagne per l'estate!

Let me be clear, Champagne is always perfect. However, it will be that we feel more carefree, it will be the late evenings… we like it even more in the summer.

The important thing is, as always, to serve it at the right temperature and take care of the combination of flavours. For now, forget foie gras and strawberries: the "surprise" is that champagne also goes very well with traditional Italian summer dishes. Here are some tips!

Raw fish and Blanc De Blancs

An excellent idea for a quick aperitif: whether in carpaccio or tartare, raw fish goes well with champagnes made only with white grapes, usually Chardonnay.

About the shop: Blanc de Blancs Ruinart

Raw ham, fruit and Blanc de Noirs

The great summer classic works perfectly with the more full-bodied Blanc de Noirs (obtained from vines with black grapes such as Pinot Noir). The raw must be sweet, with a good seasoning, and can be accompanied with melon or figs.

About the shop: L'Astre Blanc de Noirs Pas Dosé David Leclapart

Ravioli with ricotta and Millesimato

When a vintage is of quality, it is often chosen to transform it into a vintage Champagne, that is, produced with grapes from a single vintage. Try it with ricotta ravioli lightly flavored with herbs.

About the shop: Blanc de Blancs d'Ay 2008 Grand Cru Gaston Chiquet

Spaghetti with clams and Rosé

Hardly anyone can resist spaghetti with clams: they really taste like summer. One idea may be to balance the sapidity (which must never be excessive) with a harmonious Rosé.

On the shop: Prestige Rosé Tattinger

Cake with dried fruit and Extra Brut

To accompany dessert, prefer an Extra Brut or a Brut Nature, which have a lower sugar concentration. Perfect with an almond tart and fresh fruit.

On the shop: Reliance Brut Nature Franck Pascal

Ready to uncork? Among other things, this month you will find lots of promotions on white and rosé champagnes !

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