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Riesling, the prince of whites

Riesling, il principe dei bianchi

An elegant wine, perhaps the most elite of the whites: this is Riesling, a vine that was born in Germany, along the course of the Rhine and Moselle, and then colonized Alsace with its more full-bodied and alluring version. While German Riesling takes on various degrees of sweetness, passing from Trocken (dry) to the more sugary Eiswein, the French one is generally harvested late, allowing the bunches to partially dehydrate to increase the alcohol concentration. A vine with a thousand nuances, with a finely aromatic bouquet and a delicate flavour, which should be explored with an attentive and patient palate and lends itself to many gastronomic combinations.

So which one to choose? The refined Renano Riesling or the more drinkable French version? In the shop you will find both interesting Alsatian cuvées and some of the finest German labels. You just have to try, taking a look here !

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