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Pouring of anchovies: the recipe for the perfect pasta

Colatura di Alici: la ricetta per la pasta perfetta

The anchovy is now a must in the kitchen and the rage among the star chefs and not. Surely you've heard of it, perhaps you've already tasted it, but you know how to use it better?

First, a little 'history: the true casting is produced in Cetara, a small town on the Amalfi coast, and ancient origins some even linked to the garum Roman . The process to obtain it is very long and includes rooms in quantity, anchovies fresh, wooden barrels and patience: after more than a year of maturation, from the barrels is poured - that's why the name - this concentrate intense of taste of the sea .

In the kitchen

The casting is versatile, but has a very strong flavor and it is preferable to use cold : Yes sauteed vegetables , tomato , herbs and eggs , but the eye flavor, which is calibrated avoiding salt and other seasonings. Of course, it goes well with all seafood, but we are convinced that his best pass it in the classic pasta with garlic, oil, chili & amp; casting . So here are the tips for the perfect plate of pasta!

The recipe


  • 90 grams of pasta per person
  • garlic, pepper and parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • anchovy

    The process is simple: while bring to a boil the water of the pasta, chopped garlic, red pepper and parsley and mix the mixture with extra virgin olive oil and anchovy oil, counting two tablespoons of oil and a casting head . Toss the pasta - it does not salt the water ! - and once cooked to drain tooth, toss with the prepared and served.

    An extra touch? Toast the bread of rustic bread and sprinkle the dough once impiattata. Or if you want something more refined, replaced the bread with chopped and roasted pistachios.

    The Enolora tips

    The pasta with casting is a eulogy of culinary minimalism. As always, however, when the ingredients are few it is the quality that counts! So what I recommend is to choose a salted anchovies Traditional . For example that of Acquapazza Gourmet , a small company that makes only use anchovies caught in the Gulf of Salerno and matures in chestnut barrels. And maybe combine it with a good oil Southern Italy, as what Azienda Agricola Valentini , and unusual pasta format ( we like these eyes of biological wolf Pastificio Petrilli ).

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