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Home Bar. Drinking, well at home

Home Bar. Bere, bene, a casa

In this period a little 'suspended, what many do not lack is leisure. Some people use it to rediscover long-forgotten passions and who threw himself with all his energy in the reorganization of domestic spaces. We have decided to combine the two and dedicate ourselves to our wet bar , and especially to its content!

Maybe talking about home bar we come to mind cinematic images a bit ' vintage , mahogany furniture and Cuban cigars. In fact to have a wet bar in the house - and if you are lovers of drinking well you can not have it! - is enough a free shelf and few, simple rules.

# 1 Understand what you like

In 2018, the return of mezcal, in 2019 all attentive to sustainability and in 2020 spopolerà the port: even the spirits world has its trends, but the point of investing in cool alcohol, if you do not they are actually drunk? Remember, the main "customer" of a home bar ... you!

# 2 Choose the right glass

No need to spend a fortune - the rest of the beauty of the home bar is that for a small circle of friends - but you'll want to have at least these four types :

  • tumbler, ideal for liquor on the rocks
  • tall tumbler, for long drinks, soft drinks and double whiskey
  • ballon for cognac, brandy or craft beer meditation
  • as champagne or martini, based on type of cocktail you prefer

    # 3 Do not overdo it with the equipment

    See point 1: are you sure that that set of 15 pieces serve really for your gin and tonic, or you just want to impress your guests? Punta on the essentials: jigger to measure and pour ingredients, shaker and its strainer to hold the ice, spoon bar for mixed cocktails (thanks James Bond).

    # 4 Start (or start again) with little!

    Open your wet bar: how many bottles are on the bottom, forgotten for years? The truth is that even in the field of drink, less is more . Especially if that "less" is the quality. So do cleaning and procured the basics:

    • excellent whiskey : parts with a not too peaty single malt
    • gin : If you are a beginner starts with a London Dry before starting on the most fragrant options
    • a vodka , preferably Russian
    • brandy or cognac aged at least ten years
    • good Rum (we remain faithful to those Caribbean)

      With these milestones, you can easily start to build most of the cocktails, of course ... do not overdo it;)

      Do you need something? Take a peek at our distillates

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