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Celebrate with Champagne Cuvèe

Festeggiare con gli Champagne Cuvèe

The term Cuvée indicates the quantity of wine that is produced in a vat or in a wooden container used for the fermentation of the must. In the lands of Champagne the must obtained from the first pressing of the grapes is defined as "Cuvée", while from a more commercial point of view this is how the most prestigious Champagnes are defined. Cuvée also indicates a Champagne that has been assembled over time together with other vintages, so as to obtain more elegance, power and a great aromatic explosion! 

Is Cuvée the perfect blend?

Over the years, the word cuvée has come to indicate above all the blend of different wines: in fact, sparkling wines and champagnes are all produced by assembling different grapes and even wines from different vintages, to create a balance of flavors that can correct any imperfections. A cuvée is therefore a blend but it cannot be defined as a formula, because quantities and ingredients must be dosed from year to year, according to the characteristics of the single harvest.

Cuvée and vintage, the differences:

Vintage Champagnes, on the other hand, are almost the opposite of cuvée ones, since they are produced with wines that at least 85% belong to the same harvest year, or obtained from a single cru. Given the difficulty of obtaining a balanced wine by limiting the blends as much as possible, when this happens bottles of great value are produced.

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