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Sparkling wines and Champagne on New Year's Eve

Spumanti e Champagne a Capodanno

Sparkling New Year's Eve:

Who doesn't appreciate the sparkling fragrance of an excellent Italian Spumante on New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is precisely the most classic occasion – even more traditional than Christmas – to toast with the much-loved bubbles. They are appreciated throughout the meal or just for the midnight moment, but try to choose them well! Why ruin midnight greetings, kisses and hugs with a tasteless and tasteless spumate? Especially now that we have to keep a safe distance. If you think you have to bother with a very rare bottle from your collection, don't worry because here you will find tasty proposals for everyone, even for those who aren't really passionate about wine, but who still don't want to give up a good glass when the occasion calls for it. . Here are the perfect Italian Bubbles, according to Enolora for this New Year's Eve 2020 ... if you want to know and taste them, read further and order from our website !!!

  1. Giulio Ferrari - Res. From the Founder 2001
  2. Giulio Ferrari - Res. From the Founder 1999
  3. Ca' del Bosco - Anna Maria Clementi 1997 Magnum
  4. Bellavista - Brut Jeroboam
  5. Haderburg - Pas Dose 2005
  6. Casa Caterina - Le vieux de la Maison 2002 Brut
  7. Cavalleri-Rosè 1999
  8. Casa Caterina - Cuvée 36 Nature Magnum
  9. Uberti - Franciacorta Sublimis 2002 
  10. Faccoli - Dosage Zero 2006


In the world this year we uncorked about two and a half billion bottles of sparkling wine (OIV data) and of these over eight hundred million were Italian, to say that one out of three bottles uncorked in the world bears the tricolor flag. If we talk about wine as a whole, on earth we consume about two hundred and fifty million hectoliters of wine and fifty are Italian, one bottle out of five is Italian. In short, Italian sparkling wine has become one of the world icons of our land!!

Champagne and fun:

It would be two dream weeks, in the sense that with these 10 of our Champagnes the holiday season would be celebrated in an unforgettable way. However, it is not easy to be able to put together so many extraordinary Champagnes at once, because some of these labels are limited editions or real rarities. But dreaming, at least this, costs nothing... and not only on New Year's Eve of course. Read the selection of Champagnes that Enolora thought for you on the day we finally say goodbye to this 2020 that made us suffer and reflect. Let's uncork a good bottle of Champagne in his face and set off again at a good pace as only we know how to do!! The 'pop' of our bottles will give you a moment of relief and happiness!!

Champagne for New Year's Eve:

  1. Krug - Vintage 1999
  2. Dom Perignon - Vintage 1995
  3. Philipponat - Vintage 1996 Magnum
  4. J. Selosse - La Côte Faron Grand Cru
  5. Jacquesson - Avize Champ Cain 2002
  6. L. Roederer-Cristal 2012
  7. Taittinger - Comte de Champagne Rosé 2004
  8. Perrier Jouet - Belle Époque 2012
  9. Delamotte - Blanc de Blanc 1999
  10. Legras Haas - Rosè Magnum

Congratulations and Happy New Year!!

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