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Wine is a passion without limits!

Il vino una passione senza limiti!

Ceretto - Piedmont

Famous phrase of the Ceretto family that highlights the philosophy of the winery. In the 1960s, the brothers Bruno and Marcello began to support their father Riccardo in the company he founded in the 1930s in Alba. Their objective was clear: to select the vineyards in the most historically valid positions and to vinify the grapes individually. A revolutionary idea that over time proved them right and brought the Ceretto bottles to the Olympus of world enology.

R&L Legras - Champagne

The R&L Legras maison has its roots in a centuries-old tradition.
The history of the family begins in the 16th century, but the decisive turning point dates back to 1808, when Honoré Legras began cultivating one of the most beautiful vineyards of the Côte des Blancs, effectively starting the production of Champagne.
The Côte des Blancs region - so called because it is the realm of chardonnay - is one of the most prestigious geographical areas of Champagne, because it is from here that we get the finest and most elegant French bubbles, obtained precisely from chardonnay alone. which in this area reaches expressions of excellent quality.
Today, it is the sixth generation that manages the R&L Legras maison, which by handing down knowledge, skills and know-how from father to son, continues through its own Champagnes to continue uninterruptedly on its path of excellence.

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