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Mid-August flavored with wine

Ferragosto al sapore di vino

Bruno Rocca:

Everything starts from Claudia and Bruno, from the love for the land, agriculture and wine as well as from the desire to transform this passion into work. This is the soul of Saint Christopher. Land rich in history and mineral substances. A morainic hill transformed into a cellar with the sole aim of researching the
highest quality. In '94 they decided to dig the cellar underground so as not to disturb the feeling of the environment, but it was done to
tune in and work together with the same purpose. In the same year the first production of Franciacorta Brut took place. U success! ▫️ From then on the cellar has evolved more and more until it has achieved great successes in the wine field. Nowadays it is one of the symbolic cellars of Franciacorta.

Champagne Mines and Fils:

"Vines have been grown in Hermonville since the 12th century. We are the fourth generation to work on the estate.

Founded in 1919 by our great-grandfather Alfred, he set up his own wine press and sold his wines to the merchants of Reims.

The estate has grown a lot over the years.

After completing our oenology studies and several years of professional experience, we took over the estate in 2005 and decided to produce our wines in oak barrels in order to promote the values ​​of our exceptional heritage”.

The vineyard:

With almost 8 hectares of land, our vineyards are mainly located in Hermonville, whose magnificent south-east facing hills are bathed in sunshine.

The upper hills are covered with sandy-loamy soil while the lower areas are loamy, loamy and sandy. These well-draining soils contain high levels of minerals that push roots down to feed the vines deep into the soil and saturate the sap with mineral elements.”

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