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In the company of two big names

In compagnia di due grandi nomi
Biondelli , Franciacorta :

The property of the Biondelli family belongs to the territory of Bornato, an ancient village located in the heart of Franciacorta, whose territory develops starting from a hilly area and then descends along the beautiful valley that separates it from the neighboring villages of Cazzago San Martino and Calino.

The farm, which includes several lands, has its center in a sixteenth-century farmhouse built in front of the historic medieval castle of Bornato. Here Carlottavio, helped by his wife Mariella and their children Francesco and Joska, manages the wine business with the commitment and passion that over time has distinguished all the members of the Biondelli family in the activities and initiatives they have undertaken.

The environmental impact of the production activity is minimal and to ensure the highest quality level of the wines produced. Exclusion of the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the treatment of the vines as well as imposing a considerable reduction of the sulphites present in the final product. Excellent wines that will not leave you dry!

Angiolino Maule the Biancara :

In Gambellara, Angiolino Maule, owner of the Cantina La Biancara, is among the most singular interpreters of his territory. His wines are extreme, but of great charm and pleasantness.
«In recent years we have directed every effort to obtain natural wines, eliminating chemistry first in the vineyard and then in the cellar; until obtaining products capable of reflecting our particular volcanic soils. Since 1995 we have also begun to macerate the white grapes for a few days, thus obtaining slightly tannic wines, to the benefit of their longevity».

Maule is not an easy character, as he himself recognizes in describing his somewhat awkward and perhaps even too shy character , at least at a first impression. For the most part he supplied the grapes to the cooperative cellars and little was he concerned about the health aspects. Its products still flaunt great freshness after 15 years. The secret of their durability, according to Maule, lies in respecting the combination of the Garganega vine and volcanic soils. Great wines from great terroir! Seeing is believing!

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