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Timeless emotions!

Intramontabili emozioni!

Aubry, Champagne:

It is in Jouy-lès-Reims, in the heart of the Little Mountain of Reims, that Pierre and Philippe Aubry, descendants of a lineage of winegrowing owners, embarked on a real adventure in 1970 by deciding to revive the ancient abandoned vines previously cultivated in Champagne. Equipped with solid knowledge and the experience acquired by their father, Pierre and Philippe thus won their bet: to combine the classic with the original. 

The timeless Cuvée Brut Premiere:

It is a selection of rare cuvées. The collection reflects the Maison's philosophy in a few principles: rigor, respect for traditions, originality and creativity.

The Premier Cru of Aubry is obtained from the assembly of the three traditional vines, and coming from three different collections. The wine expresses all the natural freshness of the grapes. Persistent, decisive, it is a wine with a strong personality.

Argiolas winery, Sardinia

Antonio Argiolas founded the company in the late 1930s. For decades he made it grow, and continued to be present even when he passed the baton to his children. Today his grandchildren work, the third generation of the family. They were born and work in a precious and magnificent territory. It is in the middle of the Mediterranean, where the climate is milder, between sun and wind, with landscapes and land perfect for the vine and the vine. Preserving and keeping all this intact is a responsibility, a daily commitment that guides them in every decision. The Serdiana estates, in the Sibiola countryside, are the closest to the cellar. They host some of the best-known traditional Sardinian vines and extend for about 45 hectares, divided into two parts: Iselis of about 35 hectares and Su Pranu of about 10 hectares. In these vineyards they produce both white and red grapes and we test our new cultivation techniques before using them in the other estates.

La Spinetta Winery, Piedmont

La Spinetta was created by Giuseppe Rivetti who in 1977 decided to move to the top of the Castagnole Lanze hill, called La Spinetta. Since then the rise has been unstoppable, so much so that the great successes led the winery to expand into Tuscany as well. Exclusively native vines with an average age between 35 and 65 years which extend over about 100 hectares of vineyards, cultivated with very low yields and 75% biodynamic agriculture.

The Sauvignon, Limited Edition by la Spinetta:

Thanks to a wonderful vineyard rich in calcium carbonate, the Spinetta winery manages to obtain a Sauvignon with unique characteristics. Notes of grapefruit and tomato leaves play in counterpoint with the flint characterize the Langhe Bianco. In the mouth it is consistent but fresh, endowed with a precious minerality and an acidity that invites.

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