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Three Territories and Three Sparkling Wines

Tre Territori e Tre Spumanti

Trentino and Cantine Ferrari

When we speak of Trento Doc Classic Method we refer to a sparkling wine that has made the history of the great Italian bubbles. This Classic Method was expressly protected through the recognition of a special denomination with a ministerial decree of 9 July 1993. It was the first Italian denomination recognized for a sparkling wine and the second in the world after that reserved for Champagne.

This denomination is synonymous with quality also as regards the grapes used for the creation of the base wine, for the creation of the Trento Doc. The vines involved are: Chardonnay, Pinot bianco, Pinot nero or Pinot Meunier. The grapes come only from Trentino municipalities registered within the production disciplinary and are generally located between 200 and 800 meters above sea level. Another fundamental requirement expressly mentioned in the specification is that concerning the rest period: a Trento Doc, in fact, can be defined as such only if it is subjected to a minimum stay of 36 months.

But how was it born?
This great Trentino treasure was born from the inventiveness of a well-known character: Giulio Ferrari! Agronomist whose training took place in what is now known as the Edmund Mach Foundation.
Ferrari cellars:

The legend of Cantine Ferrari was born from a man, Giulio Ferrari, and from his dream of creating a wine in Trentino capable of competing with the best French Champagnes. Giulio was a pioneer, he began to produce a few highly selected bottles, with an obsessive cult of quality. Today the Ferrari Cellars under the guidance of the Brunelli family are leaders in Italy and synonymous with the Italian toast par excellence.
Over a hundred years later, Ferrari is synonymous with the best Italian sparkling wines in the world.

Liguria, Bisson and Submerged Wines

Bisson wines were born in 1978 thanks to Pierluigi Lugano. He, an established art master and sommelier, aware of the potential that he sensed was hidden in the harsh wines of Ligurian farmers, decided to try the "adventure" and to enhance the grapes of the Ligurian Riviera del Levante. He began buying small lots of grapes from farmers scattered throughout the area and making wine in his own cellar. Thanks to modern winemaking techniques and numerous experiments to understand how to treat local grapes, he achieves great results. So he decided to "revive" those native Ligurian wines that had practically disappeared by now, such as Bianchetta Genovese and Ciliegiolo Ligure and to create new intuitions such as Musaico, a red wine with a strong personality. After a few years spent making wine from grapes bought here and there, aware of the fact that wine is born in the vineyard, he decided to plant some vineyards in order to achieve full control over the quality process of his wines.

Sardinia, Marzani - Cantina Deidda

The Cantina Deidda was born with the name of Marzani Spumanti. The owner Giampiero Deidda began, with great enthusiasm and perhaps even with a pinch of madness, to produce Classic Method sparkling wine in 1998. The choice of the name Marzani has origins from the Sardinian Mraxani which means Fox (the "x" is read with the sound of the French “j“). In Simaxis, the town where the winery is located, and where the sparkling wine adventure began, the inhabitants are nicknamed with this nickname, and the name Marzani is nothing more than the Italianization of that term, perhaps too difficult to pronounce for the non indigenous people. The symbol of the fox, characteristic of Simaxis, is a symbol that the winery wants to make known and export together with wines.

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