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Wine by popular demand

Vino a grande richiesta

Barbaresco producers:

1894 is a fundamental year for Barbaresco. Before that date, the cultivated Nebbiolo was sold to produce Barolo wine or vinified as a simple table wine. In 1894 Domizio Cavazza, then principal of the Royal Enological School of Alba and resident in Barbaresco, created the "Cantine Sociali di Barbaresco". With other farmers and owners, he began to make wine in the cellars of the Castle and to name the wine with the name of the town itself. 1894 is therefore the unofficial birth year of Barbaresco wine. Cavazza died in 1913 and the cooperative cellar was closed in the 1920s. In 1958, referring to that tradition, Don Fiorino Marengo brought together nineteen farmers and founded the Produttori del Barbaresco «for the qualification and guarantee of Barbaresco». Founded in 1958, today it has 50 members with about 110 hectares of vineyards in Nebbiolo and controls most of the historic "crus" of the area. The wines of Produttori di Barbaresco are considered a guarantee and are among those insurmountable wines! You don't know which wine to choose 

The timeless Zind Humbrecht:

Domaine Zind Humbrecht was created in 1959 from the merger of the Humbrecht family vineyards in Gueberschwihr and the Zind family vineyards in Wintzenheim. Prior to 1959, both families produced and sold their wines under their respective names. After taking the reins from Léonard and Geneviève Humbrecht in 1989, the Domaine is now managed by Olivier and Margaret Humbrecht. Viticulture is a tradition in the Humbrecht family that has been handed down from father to son since the Thirty Years War in 1620. Canon Barth, an Alsatian wine historian, relates that the Humbrecht family were tenant farmers of the Marbach Abbey vineyards near the 18th century. However, it was not until 1947 that the Humbrecht family began producing, vinifying and selling their own wines under the Humbrecht name. Domaine Zind Humbrecht now comprises 41.1 hectares of vineyards of extraordinary beauty! Don't miss it on Enolora!!

Agrapart & Fils, unique and inimitable:

Vintners and winemakers in Avize, Côte des Blancs. The 12 hectares of vineyards are distributed mainly in Grand Cru villages planted with Chardonnay, grapes harvested and pressed with great care. The winegrower's approach is natural and respectful of nature and the surrounding ecosystem. The soils of the vineyards have always been treated by a traditional plowing method and every year they add a compost based on local ingredients to the vineyard which reinvigorates the soil and purifies it completely. The organic life of the soil ensures the health and productivity of the vineyard. Champagnes are neither clarified nor filtered. The process in the cellar is completely natural and with as little intervention as possible. Many of the bottles are produced in-house and in fact are even riddled by hand on site.

What to say! Don't visit Avize or don't dwell on these great wines of Avize, it's not possible! Agrapart & Fils what Champagne! 

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