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To store and drink

Da stoccare e da bere

Roman from the oven

We are in the Val d'Illasi, an area east of Verona, and it is here that Romano dal Forno grew up in close contact with the agricultural world. His family, in fact, had been producing grapes for three generations in a context in which it was customary to deliver a large part of the harvest to the local cooperative. But Romano, a perfectionist at heart, had a dream, an idea, a project from an early age. Luca Dal Forno, Romano's son and company oenologist, often tells the story of his family, dwelling on that meeting which would later give rise to the beginning of the adventure. In fact, thanks to the knowledge of the master Giuseppe Quintarelli and his production philosophy, he was encouraged to produce his wine independently, according to the dictates of quality, even if the master himself did not believe much in the territorial expressive potential of the Illasi Valley. But Romano was not discouraged, he attended the School of Agriculture and over the years he began to understand how the vineyard should be managed, increasing the density of the planting to arrive at large extractive concentrations and intuiting, among the first, the importance of Oseleta in the blend to give colour, acidity and tannins. Currently, in the total 33 hectares divided between ownership and rent, the plant density fluctuates between 11,000 and 12,800 vines per hectare to obtain 50/60 quintals per hectare of final yield. Each vineyard is equipped with "drip" irrigation systems which are activated only after the plants have gone into light water stress.

Romano dal Forno is more than a producer, he is a real legend!

Cesconi winery

The Trentino area is fantastic and has always given great emotions by producing wines with a unique aroma and a very colorful bouquet. Cesconi owns the vineyards located in two completely different areas, on two hills located 300 meters above Pressano. The soil is mainly mineral-extracted with fossil sediments, of a prehistoric nature, enriched with silt and clay. The climate is continental with marked temperature variations between day and night. Here the white grape varieties are grown such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer from which the company's precious labels are born such as Pinot Grigio Cesconi, Olivar Bianco Cesconi, Chardonnay Dolomiti IGT Cesconi, Gewurztraminer Dolimiti IGT Cesconi and Nosiola Dolimiti IGT Cesconi. In the cellar there is attention to detail and maximum care even in the vineyards which over the years have led to organic farming and recently to the approach to biodynamic. Knowledge of the territory has wisely led to switch from pergola cultivation to a method with a higher planting density, concentrating a greater number of plants per hectare with lower yields per plant. This has resulted in an increase in quality.

White Court

Marina Tonsi and her husband Mauro Franzoni made their dream come true in Franciacorta with the Corte Bianca winery in Provaglio d'Iseo. The place is a jewel of architecture inserted in the environment. Style and elegance characterize internal and external spaces. From biological cultivation techniques, to the protection of biodiversity, up to the recovery of the farmhouse according to the principles of green building and sustainability. Here the bond with the land and with tradition is felt, which represent a precise ethical and aesthetic vision. Tangible proof of the value of organic wines are the products of the Corte Bianca company, a Franciacorta winery where "functional biodiversity" is experienced. Born in the early 2000s, small in size, but with an already mature method and well-defined objectives and choices, Corte Bianca is a reality that has already received numerous awards for products characterized by frankness and elegance.

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