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Preparations for Autumn

Preparativi per l'Autunno

High Terraces, Valtellina:

Terrazzi Alti is a small artisan company located in the heart of Valtellina. Siro Buzzetti, thanks to the spirit of a reckless and courageous vigneron, cultivates a small vineyard in the Sassella area, one of the most famous and prestigious crus of Valtellina. It is a tiring and difficult mountain viticulture, made possible by the orientation of the valley on the east-west axis.
The northern slope of Valtellina is bathed in sunshine throughout the day and despite the altitude and location among high peaks, the vineyards have all the light and heat available to bring the bunches to maturity. The stony grounds, too. they accumulate heat during the day and give it back at night, mitigating the coldest temperatures.
The presence of strong temperature variations favors the development of elegant and rich aromas. It is a small farm of vineyards perched on a steep escarpment and supported by terraces supported by dry stone walls. The name of the winery really wants to underline the origin of the wine from an extreme and impervious territory.

Pratello, Lombardy:

Pratello rises on the morainic hills of the D'Annunzio shore of Lake Garda; it is a contradictory area with a unique microclimate, influenced by the largest Italian lake. A land kissed by 3000 hours of sunshine a year with morning and evening breezes, which refresh and maintain the balance between the natural elements, giving uniqueness to this prodigious and particular sub-Mediterranean climate.
A land created to teach humanity to enjoy the good things in life. A place to meditate and cultivate great vines that give wines of great complexity over time and which represent the true essence of the territory.

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