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The advancing summer

L'estate che avanza

Lilbert & Phils

Lilbert & Fils a Cramant, truly an exceptional Grand Cru, mistreated because it is often confused with Crémant but adored by lovers of tense blanc de blancs, straight with an acidity that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. Bertrand Lilbert, a young vigneron whose eyes sparkle when he talks about his champagnes: only 2 cuvées, the basic blanc de blanc and the vintage, actually there is also a Perle, but the production is really small, both Grand Cru. The soil of this area is made of a base of pure chalk that reaches almost to the surface, without other sedimentary layers as occurs elsewhere in Champagne, and it is precisely this characteristic that gives expressive wines, very mineral, very recognizable if vinified without frills precisely the Mr Lilbert style.

Villa Matilda

Falerno was the most famous wine in classical literature which disappeared at the beginning of the 1900s and was brought back to life in the 70s in the vineyards of the hills of Villa Matilde Avallone, on the slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina. The link with the culture and traditions of the territory are therefore the principle of the history and the foundation of the philosophy of this company. Respect for the environment and a wide-open gaze on innovation are its new strengths. Constant research and cutting-edge technologies color tradition with intelligent and dynamic innovation attentive to the protection of the territory. The Zero Emissions project stems from the desire to demonstrate that it is possible to produce wine with a view to reducing the environmental impact with the use of the most modern technologies for containing consumption. At Villa Matilde Avallone, wine is the subject of study and research for the identification of the vines that once gave birth to the oldest wines of this land, such as Aglianico , that is the ancient Hellenico ; the Piedirosso from which, together with Aglianico itself, red Falerno is obtained; the Falanghina grape from which the white Falerno is born. The reference to the past is always enriched by reinterpretations and modernizations through the use of pioneering tools.

Farm the pupils

Born in the 70s in Peretra, Tuscany. In 1978, thanks to Elisabetta Geppetti, an important production of high quality wine was born. The company has 75 hectares of vineyards scattered in different locations. Morellino is one of the wines in which Elisabetta decides to invest all of herself, trying to enhance it with the best possible expression. Fattorie le Pupille has recently become part of the category of great Tuscan wines.

Focus on San Vittorio vineyard and Vignacci:

In these two vineyards, which total up to 9 hectares, are the company's white grape varieties: Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion. The height varies from 200 to 240 meters above sea level, the land, facing south-east, is mainly sandy, rich in stones and sandstones. The planting density varies from 4,500 to 6,500 plants. The San Vittorio vineyard is located near Scansano, while Vignacci near Magliano in Toscana.

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